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Management of the vineyard is environmentally responsible. Sustainability is not an end point, but a challenge to embed sustainable principles into the culture of the Estate:

  • Compost – made on site using chicken manure, straw, hay bales and sawdust – is added to soil as part of the vineyard's annual nutrition program;
  • Prunings are recycled and spread under the vines over a 12-month period;
  • Domestic fowls, guinea fowl and bobtail quail roam the vineyard, turn soil during foraging, add their own manure, and feed on a variety of insect pests;
  • Vineyard management includes use of Tasmania's only recycling tunnel sprayer, which increases on-target delivery of beneficial sprays; eliminates off-target spray drift; and recycles any surplus chemical captured by the unit's internal curtaining;
  • A 70kw solar power system almost eliminates the need for external power supplies to be provided to the vineyard;
  • Trees planted on the property increase biodiversity and attract native bird species that feed on insect pests.