Vineyard Trails & Tails

by Riversdale Estate

Since the last newsletter the vineyard has undergone many tasks and we all are starting to look forward to vintage 2019. Spring marks the beginning of the bud burst and period when green starts to fill the trellis throughout the vineyard, every week is different which makes it a fantastic environment to work. All soil preparation has been completed and results are showing with healthy new rows showing many new nutrients. Under-vine spraying has also been a major priority before spring as we try to minimize the use of fungicide when there is a canopy as this a sustainable practice. Other activities included the completion of replacing posts throughout the older parts of the vineyard which always a priority for ensuring the coming canopy has consistent vertical growth which is now becoming thicker as each week passes

This year we have seen unprecedented growth in our 29 y/o Chardonnay and Pinot Noir “v – rows". The water systems were started in Spring however we are still monitoring the weather as we are still receiving a few showers here and there, which is fantastic for us as we are located in a rain shadow. The next task for us is to continuously ensure that the growing canopy is healthy by closely flowing the growth of each block and treating them as such, to ensure that we showcase the very best of each block, we are yet to officially tuck the vines however this task is looming!

Summer is often hard to predict in Tasmania, we would hope that we receive cumulative average of around 23 degrees to ensure a consistent and warm ripening period – however this year we are expecting hotter conditions.

Shortly after the new year we will look to hedge and leaf pluck to ensure that grapes are receiving the full power of the sun and the vine is concentrating growth on the bunches rather than the canopy. Overall we are looking forward to hopefully another great vintage and wish everyone a safe and relaxing festive season! Stay tuned on our social medias to remain constantly connected to all the latest news from the Estate!