Riversdale Estate has started 2020 with a glass running over!

by Riversdale Estate

Our Winery was opened by the Hon. Senator Eric Abetz, a firm supporter of Private Enterprise and Tasmanian industry to accolades and plaudits. Guests travelled from France, USA, NSW, QLD & VIC to be present and tour the new facility and see the internal operations of this sustainable and high tech winery, which has installed the same technology that is used in some of Bordeaux's best wineries.

The winery has been two years in the making and is the first in Australia to use the full suite of French company Pellenc technology for processing.
Riversdale Estate vigneron Rainier Roberts says the facility will use fully-automated processes. It will leverage French technology to sort the grapes using air blasts, for harvest and process within 20 minutes. An optical sorter, capturing more than 7,000 photos per second, will remove discoloured berries and sticks, as well as leaves. Rainier said: "The suite of technology here isn't that common, there's only two in Australia but in terms of the full suite, we're the only ones to have it. Technology installation will also allow Riversdale to sort berry colours and improve wine quality, increasing wine quantity produced annually.
"Solar power will allow us to keep everything, without affecting the environment too much. Our plans are to put 100KW in the winery and that will allow us to be self-sustainable. We predict by 2023 we'll get there, with [the addition of] some batteries as well." Additionally, Riversdale aims to become fully solar-powered by 2023. Rainier said: "We've got a lot of our pipework and plumbing in a central membrane, which will allow us to control all of the heating and cooling in the facility. It will allow us to be about 30% to 40% more efficient in our electricity usage."
The new Winery boasts two beautifully appointed caves in the depths of the building. Our award winning vintages are on display and Wine Club Members will be offered the opportunity to visit this area at select times.