It is Autumn...

by Riversdale Estate

Riversdale Estate Harvest 2019It is Autumn…so take the time to sit and watch the leaves turn, whilst reading the latest Riversdale Estate news…
To quote Albert Camus "Autumn is a mellower season and what we lose in flowers we more than gain in fruits" so true with Riversdale Estate Vintage 2019 in full swing and an abundance of fruit being plucked off the vines.
Our team has harvested around 250 tonnes with many more to go. Most of this has been Sparkling and Pinot Gris which was harvested by machine and by hand within a close time proximity. At this stage the acid levels of the grapes for Sparkling looks as good as ever and Pinot Gris remains a consistent Tasmanian varietal with a larger yield than usual.
Riversdale Estate Pinot Noir 2019 Our reserve Chardonnay for Crater and for Penfolds Yattarna was also picked last week and it is the best grape quality we have seen since 2011. More importantly we have decided to put more of this reserve block into the Estate Chardonnay, which you as the consumer will be delighted to hear.
In the next couple of weeks we will see many more tonnes come off, particularly Chardonnay and some Pinot Noir. Again this fruit is some of the best we have seen in recent times. Fortunately, Tasmania hasn't followed suit as in some areas which have lost over 60% of volume, at this stage we remain on our target tonnage, whilst still yielding quality.

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