A Rose Like No Other...

by Riversdale Estate

We are delighted to offer our new Riversdale Estate Still Rose…..
While the Summer days are long and lingering, spread out the picnic rug on a bed of clover, make daisy chains and sip our newest release Still Rose.
Rose has become incredibly popular, and unlike white grapes that become white wine, and the red varieties of grapes become red wine, pink grapes are not grown in nature, so the wine receives it colour from the juice's contact with the skin of the grapes. During the maceration process, the skin bleeds into the juice, giving it either yellow or red colouring.
We create the Rose by juicing red grapes and letting the juice soak with the skins for a short time, usually 2 or 3 days, once the juice takes on the shades of pink colour, the skins are removed and the juice ferments, and voila! Rose is created!