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Estate Range


The Estate labels showcase the best of both worlds in terms of old and new vines. Each label usually encompasses young and old fruit to provide fresh current vintage wines made in a nouveau style. These wines are made to drink earlier than the stellar range and showcase the fresh characters our terroir exhibits. Only premium grade fruit is allocated to this label which again doesn’t restrict its capability in attaining high level awards and acclaim


Made from our high-quality Riesling1 blocks, this wine showcases our fruit purity and provides a quality current vintage wine to our Riversdale Estate Range. This Riesling1 label typically exhibits traditional flavours of sharp lime, citrus and produces the smooth characters quality Riesling1s exemplify.


This label explores differing methods of Pinot Gris winemaking, Pinot Gris is becoming increasingly popular and we responded by making two differing styles to supply such demand. This label depending upon the year can either be sweet or dry as far as the characters go, however a constant would be that our Pinot Gris is often the most easy and affable wine to drink.


Made from our young and old vines, this chardonnay like Crater exhibits the Estate’s ability to grow high quality cool climate chardonnay. This Chardonnay however is made in current vintage styles and therefore unlike Crater does not oak or ferment for as long thus is made to drink and enjoy young and fresh.


This label is made to drink now, exhibiting vibrant colours paired with smooth red fruit characters that provides the perfect example of cool climate pinot noir. The label is usually made from younger vines with barrels from selected older blocks and by doing so showcases those very youthful flavours and characteristics.


Made from young and old shiraz vines, this label showcases great aromatic power, rich berry flavours and pepper finishes with length. This label receives shiraz grapes from differing areas on the property therefore does not show variations in taste from climate differentiations. This label also shows fantastic colour which also aids in it being a very good example of a cool climate shiraz. This label has received many awards which reaffirms our micro climate in its ability to produce great Shiraz (or Syrah).


Traditionally the hardest and best Sparkling anEstate can produce, we released our first Rose Sparkling in 2017 and it was made from a series of vintages. Our Rose exhibits fantastic floral aromas and a smooth fruity character that proves to be popular in our delicious sparkling range.