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  • Riversdale Estate Harvesting and Contracting operates:

A Pellenc 4680 Multifunction Tractor providing the following services:

  • Rabaud Over the row Post Rammer
  • Pellenc Recycle tunnel sprayer
  • Pellenc Over the row Green Trimmer
  • Pellenc Leaf Remover
  • Pellenc Wire Lifter
  • PellencSelectiv' process Grape Harvester

Due to the variety of trellis systems in which we work, and the contacts we have within the industry, Riversdale Estate Harvesting and Contracting are able to keep abreast of new innovations in machine harvesting technology. This ensures minimum downtime during Vintage, when we can all least afford it. Clean machinery is absolutely vital to our business in order to avoid the spread of weeds. Riversdale Estate Harvesting and Contracting offers a professional service with reliable machines, trained operators and on ground management.

Take the worries out of harvesting - no more pickers! No more problems! 03 6248 5666