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Stellar Range

Stellar Range

Our Stellar Wines are our reserve label which focuses on high quality and consistency from small producing blocks on the Estate. Each stellar label is named after a star constellation as the Estate borders the Mount Pleasant Radio Telescope. The Stellar Range is our most award-winning label amassing over 110 awards including trophies over the past 10 years. Most Notable is the Crater Chardonnay which is the most awarded Chardonnay in Tasmania. The Stellar range only receives the highest quality fruit from the Estate and its quantity is based purely on grape quality and merit instead of label quantity allocation. The oldest of our vines provide the fruit for these special labels. Each label has its own character that showcases the best of the terroir at the Estate with a concentrated winemaking effort to best achieve the highest quality of wine. We believe Riversdale Estate is special and this label best represents our aims of quality and consistency without compromise.


Named after the constellation deep in the southern sky which comprises of the Southern Cross, our Crux Sparkling is made from our finest Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier grapes. Crux showcases superb fruit purity and balanced complexity that is akin to our quality cool climate wines. Terroir is important regarding the development and vintage of sparkling grapes, we are fortunate at the Estate to be located in our own micro-climate.


Our ultra-premium chardonnay is named after the Crater constellation which resembles the goblet used by Apollo. The Crater Range has amassed over 50 awards including 15 trophies and 32 gold medals since 2008 making it the most awarded chardonnay in Tasmania. The awards and trophies were won in Australia, San Francisco and London. Made in the modern interpretation of chardonnay whereby the winemaking process wishes to express


We chose Cygnus as the name for our stellar Riesling as our expression of Riesling is dry, vibrant, aromatic and fresh much like the constellation which is said to resemble a swan flying south along the milky way. The two Riesling blocks at the Estate provide high quality fruit from soils much suited to Riesling vines, our blocks comprise rocky and deep red loamy soils situated on the NW side of Mt Pleasant being open to the blustery NW winds. Our


Named after one of the largest and brightest constellations, our Centaurus is the result of an extensive and exhaustive selection process on our high-quality Pinot Noir grapes. Only the finest Pinot grapes are chosen for this label and sourced from either a single block or selected barrels from a small number of blocks. Centaurus is known for its smooth rich berry flavours, aromas and length which is most associated with the most elegant of


Much like the constellation it is named after which is located deep within the Southern Cross, the Musca Syrah exhibits deep berry characters and extraordinary length showcasing the complex characters of the fruit within the vineyard. Musca Syrah is made in a traditional method however showcases the power, complexity and length of Tasmanian cool climate Syrah. The Estate has several blocks of Syrah and the grapes are able